Term & Conditions

1. Warranty Terms

For any purchase or sale electronically on the balkmall.com online platform, each user automatically accepts without any reservation all the terms and conditions set out on the website. nshqiperi.com reserves the right to change the terms of use and general terms and conditions whenever necessary. Users will always be informed of any changes by clicking on the command “Terms & Conditions" on the nshqiperi.com website.

2. Copyright

All content of the nshqiperi.com website, name, logo, design, rules, instructions, icons, videos and any other element that constitutes copyright under Albanian legislation, is the exclusive property of the nshqiperi.com subject, otherwise we will talk to the relevant authorities to resolve this issue.

3. The principle of confidentiality

All data provided by individuals or entities registered on the website, will be completely confidential and prohibited for external use. All data available from nshqiperi.com will not be used for any other reason than the process of sale-purchase, shipping and successful completion of any order. Anyone has the right to request if he wants to delete his personal data and his account in case he no longer wants to be part of nshqiperi.com, closing his account.

4. Payment security

Monetary transactions on the balkmall.com platform are guaranteed at the maximum level of security, as this website uses the most secure electronic protocol “https"

5. Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Card Payment

• Paypal

6. Violation of terms and conditions

If these terms and conditions are violated, balkmall.com has the right to restrict activity on the online platform, remove the offer, terminate the listings, warn other users about the actions of the infringer.

7. Applicable law

These terms and conditions are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Civil Code, law no. No. 10 273, dated 29.4.2010 “On the electronic document" as amended, (Amended by law no. 101/2015, dated 23.9.2015), Law no. No. 9880, dated 25.2.2008 “On electronic signature” as well as in the legislation in force of the Republic of Albania at the moment of signing this contract.